Top 9 Rugged Camping Trailers for Tough Overlanding Trails 2019 Review

Top 9 Rugged Camping Trailers for Tough Overlanding Trails 2019 Review

For many travelers it is not enough to have a spacious caravan trailer that can carry all of the belongings and provide a comfortable accommodation for the night. Ruggedness is one of those features that cant be overlooked, since trailer’s off-roading capabilities have to match those of your towing vehicle if you want to have any chance of getting to the remote destinations. In this episode we will show you some of the tough models that shouldn’t fail you when the road gets bumpy.
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0:35 #1 Hero Ranger

Hero Ranger is the company’s most off-road capable model. It sits on galvanized double chassis rated at 2650 lbs and rides on 17-inch alloy wheels wrapped in off-road tires.

1:55 #2 Avida Rock Caravan

Avida Rock Caravan is one of the company’s newest products that has all-terrain capabilities, sits on hot dipped galvanized chassis, has 16-inch wheels, off-road tires, and Cruisemaster XT independent coil suspension.

3:16 #3 MIGRATOR

Migrator is the first model of FIM Caravans that has been in development since 2014. The mini-caravan is now available in 4 modifications, two of which are fully off-road capable.

4:35 #4 Ares from Mars Camper

Recognized as the camper of the year in 2017, Ares from Mars Camper is a rugged trailer designed for travelling to the deepest corners of the Australian continent.

5:57 #5 Monterba

Monterba Trailer is a family-owned and operated Canadian company that builds custom-order caravans. Their products are lightweight and aerodynamic, while at the same time packed with modern equipment and practical features.

7:15 #6 Drifter

The Drifter Trailers company is located in Georgia, USA and as was founded out of a desire to build high quality campers that are very affordable and loaded with standard feature that you pay extra for elsewhere.

8:32 #7 BOREAS XT and MXT

Boreas is a rugged trailer with edgy design and superb off road capabilities. It can sleep up to four people and comes in two modifications, XT and MXT.

9:53 #8 Sherpa

Sherpa is an off road-capable trailer built by an Australian company BRS OFFROAD. It has a capacious body that comes equipped with a rooftop tent, a burner, a fridge, and a water heating system.

11:09 #9 TeardropsNW

While researching the topic of vacation vehicles, we have noticed that the state of Oregon is home to many great manufacturers, one of which is TeardropsNW who specialize in producing rugged retro styled caravans in numerous configurations.


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    When going camping your off-roader will get as far as your trailer can and not the other way around. These rugged trailers will let you camp at the most remote locations with comfort. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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