Sea Kayaking in Hvar Croatia | Best Sea Kayaking in Europe | Croatia (Country) Vlog Part 8

Sea Kayaking in Hvar Croatia | Best Sea Kayaking in Europe | Croatia (Country) Vlog Part 8

Croatia Vlog Part 8: This morning we left Split super early in the morning with little to no sleep after working hard on my physiotherapy term paper. But that didn’t stop us in catching our car ferry split to Hvar Croatia and make it to the sea kayaking in Hvar Croatia. We did our adventure sea kayaking with &adventure (a local and national company specializing in providing guests with unique experiences utilizing various sports to see the beautiful country of Croatia).

This excursion was perfect–could it be the best sea kayaking in europe?–we think so! We HIGHLY recommend organizing a trip with this company if you ever find yourself in Croatia looking for an adventure!

Watch as we go about getting to the island and play around in the sea kayaks!

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  1. ArboursAbroad on January 15, 2020 at 7:23 am

    Of the various outdoor excursion opportunities on Hvar, we went with the sea kayaking. And boy was it awesome. A little tiring, but extremely fun and worth it! Would you choose this or something different like mountain biking or climbing?

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