Beautiful Trail Hiking in Glacier National Park: The Best Hiking in the US

Beautiful Trail Hiking in Glacier National Park: The Best Hiking in the US

A colleague of mine once told me Glacier National Park (GNP) was “better” than Alaska. Of course i never believed him but now that I have been to both, he was right. The primary reason: you can find your way through most of the park via some trail system whereas Alaska is so remote its mostly inaccessible (by foot or vehicle). This trip was 2 weeks long from 7/6/18-7/20/18 part of which was with my family and good friends and the other part by myself. I can honestly admit up to this point there is no better place in the US to hike or adventure on a general scale. Where else can you get so close to animals that you can pet them in the wild? In this video at some point or another you will have seen the following: Grinnell glacier trail, siyeh pass trail, numa ridge trail, hidden Lake Trail, scenic point trail, avalanche lake trail, trail of the cedars, iceberg lake trial, highline trial, st mary and virginia falls trail, the garden wall trail, ptarmigan lake and tunnel trail, Kayaking on lake Mcdonald, bridge jumping at st mary falls, driving going-to-the-sun road, cliff jumping off going-to-the-sun road, caseys bar, great northern brewing company, zip lining at whitefish mountain resort, horseback riding in GNP, Johnsons camp ground, many glacier hotel and the whiskey barn. If this video isnt proof its the BEST national park than I highly encourage you to visit and prove me wrong 🙂

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  1. Outdoor Adventurer on March 12, 2020 at 2:40 pm

    Awesome adventure video, we are heading there this summer for some great adventuring fun!

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    very nice!

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